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Fusion Series R/1.0

Fusion Series R/1.0

Element’s Fusion Series blends superior Irish whiskies from different grains, different years, different barrels. In the right measure they come together to create an experience greater than the sum of its parts.


Lore Series R/1.0

Element’s Lore Series takes inspiration from traditional Irish Whiskies – this series is our take on the exceptional Single Malts, Single Grains, and Single Pot Still whiskies that Ireland has to offer.


X – Series

Element’s X – Series is all about finding perfect synergies with inspirational partner brands. We develop and finish our whiskey in casks which held cutting edge wines and beers to create exceptional flavor intense experiences for you to enjoy.


Open Innovation

We know great whiskey – but we also know that your adventurous ideas have the power to take each expression to a new level for the benefit of all. We’re on a mission to democratize whiskey and we want you to live that dream with us.


Get Involved

If you’re like us you want to stand out from the crowd, to create and be part of something that you can be truly proud of. If you have an exceptional idea and the drive to get involved we want you on the team.


We are adventurous and curious whiskey makers. We listen to science and our community as we explore the possible.

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