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Our Open Innovation Model

What do Ben & Jerry’s, Lego, Samsung, and NASA have in common? They are each deeply and intrinsically connected with their community to help develop category defining products with each release, incorporating feedback into the design process and seeking to challenge the status quo and traditional wisdoms.

At Element Irish Whiskey we know what tastes great but we also know that innovative ideas accentuate and drive theories to a whole new level.

How It Works

The Element team has developed a roadmap of core release categories – Fusion Series, Lore Series, X-Series. Each release takes a core category whiskey and turns it into an innovative expression by working with the Element Solve panel to test, learn, and retest a release before launch.

The Element Solve panel is composed of like minded industry experts, innovative mixologists, and whiskey enthusiasts who bring their knowledge and spirit of adventure to each release.

Each expression has a purpose. Our goal is to push the boundaries, to look beyond the norm, and to create whiskey that we are truly proud to share with the world.


Each expression variation is sampled, tested, and feedback is incorporated to ensure exceptional results are achieved


Working with our partner distilleries we source only the best Irish whiskies to blend and finish to achieve the desired quality target expression candidates – this is not myth or magic, its careful and purposeful curation


Candidate directions are explored by the Element Solve team – our goal is simple: to unearth unique and innovative directions demanded by you.


Our inspiration comes from many places. Exceptional ideas are around every corner and our community is the beating heart of our co-development process – you speak, we listen.


Once each release has reached maturation its ready to be enjoyed by you – after all that’s why we’re here – to create better whiskey for everyone – enjoy!

Get Involved

If you’re like us you want to stand out from the crowd, to create and be part of something that you can be truly proud of. If you have an exceptional idea and the drive to get involved we want you on the team.

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We are adventurous and curious whiskey makers. We listen to science and our community as we explore the possible.

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